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HK Juicer
HK Water Dispenser
HK Vacuum
HK Kettle
Coffee Maker
HK Blender

HK Party Pack 24pkts x 90g

HK Mega Lollipops 2outers x 6pcs x 135g

HK Gumball Dispenser 6displays x 12pcs x 20g


HK Coin Bank with Candies 2outers x 5pcs x 30g


HK Wrist Band 8outers x 12pcs x 8g


HK Candy Lipgloss 8outers x 24pcs x 10g


HK Candy Lipstick 12outers x 12pcs x 6g


Hello Kitty Candy Tube

20240105_143022 (1)

Hello Kitty Candy Topper

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