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Sour Dippin Pucker Packs 12pkt x 84g


Smashups 12pkts x 56g


Dippin' Rings 12outers x 8pcs x 25g

Sour Twitst (Bag) 12pkts x 113g

Extreme Sour Hard Candy 10 outers x 12pkts x 56g (2oz)

Sour Jelly Bean Bag 12pkts x 141g

Sour Twists 12 outers x 18pcs x 56g

Sour Chewy Cube 12pkts x 113g

Sour Jelly Bean (TB) 12pkts x 113g

Sour Twists 12pkts x 99g

Sour Double Drops 8outers x 24pcs x 30ml

Sour Spray 12outers x 24pcs x 20ml

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